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At Jankovic Chiropractic & Wellness, Dr. Steve Jankovic provides both gentle chiropractic treatments and holistic health services. During each patient visit, he combines several holistic health modalities including chiropractic manipulation, kinesiology, nutrition evaluation, and a stress/emotional evaluation to optimize healing. His practice is conveniently located right off of Veale & Marsh Road split in Wilmington, Delaware.

In addition to delivering comprehensive chiropractic care, the health professionals at Jankovic Chiropractic offer a full scope of complementary services, ranging from massage therapy, allergy treatment and management, to health coaching, weight loss management, and nutrition counseling. Our goal is to optimize your overall health and well-being, ultimately improving your quality of life.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic TreatmentChiropractic Services

Chiropractic helps your body heal naturally by using spinal adjustments to correct vertebral misalignments in the spine. Dr. Jankovic uses many different techniques to correct vertebral subluxations, most of which are gentile, low force techniques.

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ImageMassage Services

We offer a wide range of massage services, including Myofascial release, swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy,.

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Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

A highly effective, alternative therapy in treating allergies and sensitivities.
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Nutrition Assessment

Based on blood work analysis, organ and endocrine system evaluation.
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ImageChange Your Lifestyle

Jankovic Chiropractic will educate and support people on their journeys toward health and well-being by introducing them to natural, gentle, noninvasive treatments.

Providing both gentle chiropractic treatments and holistic health services!


what our clients say

An amazing chiropractor and staff who really care about the health and well being of their patients. Whether you're looking for an adjustment, nutritional counseling, supplements, detoxing foot bath or a relaxing massage/myofascial release; they've got you covered.

Maryann D.W.

Dr. Steve J & Dakota J. are both very professional & up to date with the latest advances, as well as very personable. They, & their staff, will put you at ease right away. I have been going for years and experienced great results.

Rich A.

Great service. Super friendly staff. Dr. Steve helped me with my balance and leg pain.

Adriana M.

My daughter has suffered from gastrointestinal symptoms for the last ten years that were unable to be diagnosed or remedied by numerous doctors and specialists. Her condition was so bad that she was unable to attend school or participate in social activities. When we started seeing Jen and taking the AAT approach, it was the first time that we really felt heard, that someone understood what was going on with her body, and for the first time in years, she had relief from her symptoms. Jen has such a caring manner and has a wonderful way of listening to my daughter's body and understanding what it needs. Now for the first time in years, my daughter's symptoms are gone thanks to Jen's recommendations and AAT treatment. We are so grateful to have found some answers!

Jennifer I.

Jen Marowski is a Godsend; a true delight to work with. Her practice in holistic medicine is none like I have ever seen nor experienced before. When I was recommended to her, my digestive issues were at the height of pain, as this had been a struggle for a while -- I have been going to her for a little over a year now, and my digestive system has improved exponentially through her practice! Even in the entire process, Jen has been so personal with me and a huge encouragement in this healing journey. She is truly gifted with knowledge in holistic medicine, a wisdom to know how to use it, and a big heart for each and every one of her patients. I have recommended her to others, and I will continue to! Everyone needs to know about it!

Brooke T.

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